Due to COVID-19 pandemic we are not recruiting full-time or part-time (local or from overseas) volunteers until further notice.

In the meantime…

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills and experiences, meet new people from all over the world and really make a difference to the lives of others.

We offer two volunteer programs at Camphill Milton Keynes Communities (CMKC)
1. Full-time co-workers who live in the community.
2. Part-time workshop volunteers.

F/T Co-Worker Volunteer Opportunities

Each year, people from all over the world come to live with us to gain valuable life experiences as co-workers as part of our volunteer program.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life from gap year students to mature life experienced individuals. They live-in and support our community as short term co-workers for at least one year.

P/T Volunteer Workshop Opportunities

Throughout the year we are approached by many different people from Milton Keynes and beyond who wish to use their skills and experience to help our community. From driving our residents from a to b, to assisting teaching in our Tech-lab, Newsletter, Gardens, Cafe, Shop, Chrysalis Theatre and Arts & Crafts Workshops. Individuals often bring their unique skills, but also seek to gain experience in certain areas, increase their friendship groups and help those in their community.

Life at Camphill

We see everyone as playing an important role in creating this strong and supportive community.

Co-workers live with and support our service users – adults with learning disabilities – and are part of our community alongside our house coordinators, co-workers and other staff. They get involved in all aspects of daily life and support our residents with day to day activities such as shopping, meal preparation, personal laundry, cleaning and also evening activities. Workshop volunteers commit to as many hours as they can or wish and focus on supporting the community and its workshops.

We are committed to the concept of diversity and inclusion. Many of our co-workers and volunteers come from all over the world and we welcome the cultural, social and spiritual diversity this brings. It can be a life-enhancing experience for our residents and the whole community to share in the language, traditions and cuisine from other countries.

We recognise and respect the uniqueness of every individual who comes here whether resident, co-worker, volunteer or staff. Everyone is appreciated for who they are, for their unique personality and for the special qualities they bring to community life.

We offer varying opportunities for our volunteers and co-workers to make a meaningful contribution to the community and the daily lives of our residents and other co-workers.

Both co-workers and volunteers help to support our rich program of daily workshops and other cultural activities that happen within our own community and across the wider community of Milton Keynes.

All short-term co-workers take part in workshops. When they arrive, they are given the opportunity to try all the workshops during their first two weeks. After that they will have a regular timetable based on a balance of their wishes and where support is needed.

By recognising the skills and talents of each individual, and the need for continual learning and development, we aim, as far as possible, for the activities that our co-workers take part in to match the skills that they have, or that they would like to learn.

Even though unpaid, CMKC makes the program worthwhile to co-workers in other ways by providing accommodation in your own room within a household, meals, a small subsistence allowance, training relevant to the role and responsibilities, and providing references.

You can read about the co-worker role in more detail by downloading the role description here.


Our mission is to support every individual within in our community to reach their full potential in the spirit of lifelong learning. We are committed to helping our volunteers and co-workers in developing their skills and knowledge through training and continued support.

Short term co-workers receive thorough training and induction when they arrive at CMKC to enable them to effectively fulfil the tasks they agree to take on, and this training is ongoing throughout their stay. Some of the courses we provide are The Care Certificate, First Aid, Food Hygiene and Health and Safety.  A supervisor is appointed within each house to provide ongoing guidance and support for each co-worker.


CMKC provides all volunteers with a written reference when they leave. The reference includes a brief description of the work undertaken, comments on the volunteer’s effectiveness and skills, comments on the personal qualities they exhibited, plus any specific achievements and contributions they made. Volunteers are also free to complete an exit interview form, which gives them the opportunity to provide formal feedback which CMKC can use in improving its provision and organisation as far as volunteers are concerned.

How to Apply

To find out more about becoming either a part-time volunteer or a co-worker,  please email us office@camphillmk.co.uk or write to us at:

Recruitment Team

Camphill Milton Keynes Communities Ltd,

Japonica Lane,

Willen Park South,

Milton Keynes,

MK15 9JY,

United Kingdom

You need to be able to communicate effectively with our residents, and while we offer support with English, this means you must have a good level of written and spoken English, which will be assessed at application and during a Skype interview. You do not require previous personal experience of care and support to apply. However, it is very valuable to the whole community if you contribute with whatever talents you may have. We very much appreciate an enthusiasm to learn, creativity and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done. There is always support on hand and someone to talk to if you should need help and advice.

Read about volunteering at CMKC in our Volunteers of Camphill series, a collection of interviews with volunteers from our Blog.