Volunteers of Camphil – Ellen K.

In the run up to our Recruitment & Volunteer Fair and National Volunteer Week, we are speaking to our wonderful volunteers about their experiences with us. We hear from Ellen K., a lifelong volunteer, about the joys giving up time and skills to those who need it most. Thank you Ellen!


“Hi, I’m Ellen K., a retired house-mother (now called house coordinator) at CMKC.

Years back, Camphill communities were already well known in Britain, but that I would once work in a Camphill was unknown to me.

A short visit to Camphill Alpha offered me an opportunity to volunteer as a house-mother. For 6 ½ years, it was a wonderful, unexpected and beautiful time. I was bewildered when I saw how people with learning disabilities worked and lived. Love and friendship were very noticeable in the houses. My six companions (now called residents) made life not only beautiful and joyful for me but also taught me a lot. The festivals, which they held were rich with singing, dancing, acting, poetry reading and more. I also remember the little chapel where people who needed directions in their lives were welcome and opportunities to explore their options were encouraged.

Full of wonder and fullness in life I left Camphill Alpha and went back to Britain. I’ve been at Camphill Milton Keynes for a further 16 years, so that brings my time in Camphill to more than 20 years! I never regret the decision I made many years ago. I can only say that if an opportunity in a Camphill community shows up, go and try it out!”

(As told to Guimin M. and the Newsletter & Tech Lab Workshops)

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