Workshops & Activities

Work is seen as an important part of residents’ lives; it helps to develop their full potential and their sense of responsibility and dignity. Each household’s daily structure is very similar, and this ‘rhythm’ of the day is common to all Camphill communities, forming an important part of each resident’s life.

We have a wide variety of workshops available, from Arts & Crafts including weaving, embroidery and needle work, to the Bakery and Landcraft.

The residents work is what helps our community thrive. Their artistic creations are sold at our shop and Fairs and are displayed in exhibitions. Their performances are seen in our onsite theatre. The food they grow and make is sold and eaten in the café, and the newsletters and radio content they create are what helps keep our followers and supporters informed about the Camphill community. 



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Arts & Crafts

The Art & Craft Workshop aims to reduce stress and encourage relaxation of body and mind through art and craft as well as exercising the fine motor skills involved in art and craft activity.
Service users can express themselves through the various art and craft mediums, make friends and get to know each other and also meet international co-workers, staff and volunteers. 

The Art & Craft Workshop allows all levels of abilities to get involved in learning and developing their skills. All residents who take part in the creative workshop have individual art and craft projects related to their interest and backgrounds. Almost everyone can draw and paint and service users have their own sketchbooks which we also call ‘feelings books’.

The workshop includes; Needlework, Paper collage & Papier mâché, Natural dyeing & Flower printing, Clay work, Marbling, Mosaic making, Jewellery making, Concrete model making, Japanese woodcarving & Block carving and Mask & Model making.
The Art & Craft Workshop also creates new experiences for service users, volunteers and staff by organising opportunities to show the work at exhibitions in the wider community. The crafted items are sold at the biannual Craft Fair and in the community Café and Shop. The workshop also creates craft and art pieces for the community public spaces and homes.


Camphill Artisan Bakery is a workshop where people with learning disabilities learn how to bake fresh bread and confectionery products from mainly organic ingredients.

The bakery produces many types of loaves and bread for the whole Community. Residents learn to bake, to measure out flour and use the weighing machine, to use the basic bread ingredients such as flour, yeast, liquids, sugars, fats, salt, eggs, and extras. They gain experience in kneading, using a food processor, testing the dough, shaping the bread, glazing, and using the oven.

They also learn bread-making problem solving, for example what to do if the bread rises too much, or if there’s no time to finish the bread, or if the bread doesn’t rise. Our bakery is not only about loaves: residents are also shown how to prepare a variety of buns, croissants and quiches.

Our excellent Bakers like to offer real bread and sweet products daily to the wider community in Milton Keynes. We sell our bread in the shop from 11.00 am and customers can also enjoy our fresh bread in the Café with meals.

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