Women of Camphill – Ellen K

Women of Camphill – Ellen K

We chat to our retired senior co-worker Ellen K about changes in our community and what influences women have had over the years.

CMKC: How long have you been involved with the community?

EK: I spent 6 and half years in Alpha Africa and 17 years in Camphill Milton Keynes.

CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience in the community?

EK: My most memorable experience was and still is Happiness.

CMKC: How important do you think women are to this community?

EK: I think women are still very influential and important for daily running this and any community!

CMKC: Do you think women’s influence has changed over time in the community?

EK: Camphill has changed a lot in recent years, things are organised differently today, but women still have a great influence.

CMKC: What’s your expectation of yourself and the community for the future?

EK: Like any other community, our Milton Keynes community is working hard to adapt to the new schemes and new values, but as time evolves the future will look brighter.

CMKC: Who in your opinion is a hero of Camphill? Can be anyone.

EK: There are so many heroes, I would not just point out one.

CMKC: What is your favourite thing to do outside the community?

EK: Painting, singing, musical events, going travelling, selling bread for the community, taking part in community events.

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