Women of Camphill – Chloe A

Our resident Chloe A has been with our community for over 18 years, so she knows what makes our community tick! For our Women of Camphill project, we discussed women as excellent communicators, which is an essential skill in any community.
CMKC: What’s your name and what’s your role in the community?
C: My name is Chloe, and I am a resident.

CMKC: How long you have been in the community?
C: I came to Camphill in 2000, I lived in Oberlin first, then I moved to MP house, before finally moving to Appleyard.

CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience in the community?
C: When I had a two weeks’ trial in the beginning at Oberlin, I enjoyed the lovely company of Linda and Andrew, who were the house parents at that time, and the company of the residents too.

CMKC: How important do you think women are to this community?
C: Very important as women bring so many different experiences with them when they join Camphill, just like men. Most women enjoy talking to others that makes them excellent communicators.

CMKC: Do you think women’s influence has changed over time in the community?
C: No, women have always been a very important part of the community.

CMKC: What’s your expectation of yourself and the community for the future?
C: To carry on enjoying life in Camphill. I would like to see the workshop where we use up-cycled cardboard to make craft items up and running in the future.

CMKC: Who in your opinion is a hero of Camphill?
C: Lidia M, for her creativity and many impressive skills that she has.

CMKC:  What is your favourite thing to do outside of the community?
C: I love to explore nature and walking.

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