Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is on the 16th of February this year. It marks the start of the lunar year and the first day of spring; hence it is also called the Spring Festival. In the Chinese Zodiac, an animal sign represents the years and this will be the year of the dog.

In China, people take a week-long holiday from work to celebrate the festive period with their families and loved ones. A traditional food to have on New Year Eve is called Jiaozi, a type of dumpling with ground meats and vegetable wrapped in a thin layer of dough, boiled and served while still hot. Most cities and town would have parades; some also have lion dance to celebrate this special day. Traditionally, fireworks and firecrackers are set off to scare away demons.

Camphill residents are well exposed to Chinese traditions as many co-workers from China bring their rich cultural heritage with them. It seemed accidental that Aaron – a young work experience student with Chinese culture, was sent to me just when I was pondering about the Chinese New Year. It does make me wonder that this festival is magical too!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a prosperous Chinese New Year.

By Lee S, with help from Aaron.

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Post Author: Alicja McCarthy

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