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We chat to Ginny, our Shop Workshop Coordinator, about her first experiences of Camphill and how fifteen years later, she’s still impressed by the balance of strong men and women in the community.

CMKC: How long you have been involved with the community?
G: I joined 15 years ago, initially working in the Café. Three years ago I started to look after the shop.

CMKC: What’s your most memorable experience in the community?
G: There are many memories.  Around 16 years ago, one of my friends suggested we meet up for lunch at Camphill Café. At that time I didn’t know anything about Camphill but was very impressed while visiting. Two weeks’ later, my husband showed me a job advert of Camphill Café and said: “here is a perfect job for you.”  So I applied and was shortlisted for an interview. When I came for the interview, a group of elder house mothers (now called house coordinators) sitting around the table in Whitethorn and asked me all sorts of questions. I was very impressed with them too.

CMKC: How important do you think women are to this community?
G: In my view, women are nurturers, they have different instincts to men, and most of them are very intuitive, these qualities are important for a place like ours.

CMKC: Do you think women’s influence has changed over time in the community?
G: Camphill has a history of having some really strong women, as well as strong men, just as today. Women, as well as men, while responding and adapting to the changes, have always been evolving and reinventing themselves with time.

CMKC: What’s your expectation of yourself and the community for the future?
G: To evolve and to be more creative.

CMKC: Who in your opinion is a hero of Camphill?
Andrew M and Clare B – both are very hard working and helpful; both are doing very well. Andrew likes a challenge and enjoys being stretched. Clare is just lovely to be around.

CMKC: What is your favourite thing to do outside the community?
G: I love to go to London with my daughter. We would normally visit The Wholefood World in Kensington and have lunch at Planet Organic. There are so many exhibitions in London that provide a lot of inspiration. I also enjoy playing and learning lyre and giving my dog Lucy a lot walking; dogs are amazing animals.

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