Humans of Camphill – Interview with Thomas C.

Life at Camphill MK Communities can be rewarding, challenging and beneficial for many people. For anyone considering becoming a resident, we’ve published a series of interviews with community members about living, working and volunteering at CMKC.

As part of our Humans of Camphill project, we speak to our resident Thomas C., about becoming independent, establishing relationships and developing creative talents.

CMKC: Where did you live before you came here?

TC: I was born in Brazil, and I lived in San Paulo until we came back to the UK in 1974. I lived with my family in Yorkshire before moving to Camphill Pennine in Wakefield, where I lived for three years. I moved to Camphill Milton Keynes in 1988.

CMKC: What were the biggest changes and challenges of moving to Camphill?

TC: When I first moved here, I was very poorly but got better later with proper medical care. I also had some difficulties with personal relationships when I was in Yorkshire, but I found new friends after moving to MK. There were a lot of changes, as Camphill is very different from a home environment. It also differs because Pennine is a community for younger people who are being prepared to join a community for adults. I had to be more independent and mature, and that gave me freedom and flexibility.

CMKC: What do you like best about Camphill Milton Keynes?

TC: I love living here, it gives me great joy. I enjoy the friendships, I’m happy when things go well, even though we have some ups and downs.

CMKC: What have you learned or achieved since coming here?

TC: I stopped drinking fizzy drinks and eating a lot of chocolate. I’m a hard working member of the community, and I’m proud of working in the Café. I have developed my artistic talents, and I really enjoy the Arts and Crafts workshop and the Sunday art group. By the way, my artworks have been selected for exhibitions many times!

CMKC: What are your hopes and plans for the future?

TC: My hopes for the future are to continue being a part of the community and to get my certificate for tea and coffee making in the Café.

We now have vacancies for residents, to find out more, please visit our Residents page.

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